Saturday, March 14, 2020

How to Overcome Writers Block (20 Tips That ACTUALLY Work)

How to Overcome Writers Block (20 Tips That ACTUALLY Work) How to Overcome Writer's Block Charles Bukowski once wrote, â€Å"Writing about a writer's block is better than not writing at all.† Some folks would rather not mention writer's block at all, as if thinking about how to overcome it will somehow exacerbate the condition - like scratching away at a rash.Unfortunately, writer’s block is a gremlin that rarely goes away by itself, at least not in a timely manner. But by arming yourself with knowledge of what causes this creative quagmire - and how to climb out of it - you’ll be much better equipped to deal with it in the future! To start, let’s answer the question...What is writer’s block?Writer’s block is the condition of being unable to proceed with writing or the inability to start writing something new. But of course, we all know that much! What often stumps us where this frustrating predicament comes from, and how to solve it. Make your creative process more visualWhen your words are failing you, throw out the dictionary and get visual. The Inkflow app works like a visual word processor, so you can get your ideas on the page and then move them around (or doodle all over them) as you wish. If you’re the kind of person who likes to outline by placing sticky notes on the wall - but aren’t ready to ditch the technology and go totally old-school - then this app might be your new best writing friend.17) Look for the root of the blockAs psychologists Singer and Barrios pointed out, writer’s block often comes from a problem deeper than simple â€Å"lack of inspiration.† That’s what Unstuck can help you with! It can help you identify the root of your block, and provide a range of solutions to get your pen moving again. In other words, it’s a true friend in time of writer’s need!18) Go cold turkey and turn off the InternetIt’s a small miracle that people are able to get any writing done on a machine that offers access to a whole Internet’s worth of distraction. If willpower isn’t your strongest suit and your biggest challenge right now is staying away from distraction, Cold Turkey might be the app for you. It turns your computer into a typewriter until you reach your writing goal. In it’s own words, it’s â€Å"probably the most stubborn text editor ever made.†19) When you can't find the words... let the words find youThis is essentially the point of this â€Å"fridge poetry-esque† app, Word Palette. Featuring a keyboard of random words, simply click your way to your next potential masterpiece. Or at least, a bizarre poem that gets the fire started.20) Find your inner HemingwayIf your biggest block is your own self-doubt, Hemingway may help curb that anxiety by offering suggestions to improve your writer as you go. Advice includes things like: â€Å"too verbose,† â€Å"use a forceful verb ,† and â€Å"use active voice instead of passive.† This app is so sharp, it even provides editorial feedback to the writing of its namesake: Ernest Hemingway. (Try pasting the line: â€Å"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self† into the app.) These 5 apps will get your pen-and-paper mojo back #writersblock There might not be a magic trick or formula when it comes to inspiration. But add these 20 tips to your creative arsenal, and you’ll be on your way to kicking writer’s block to the curb. And remember: if you're still stuck, you always have these writer's block memes to keep you company!Did you try any of our tips? Did they work for you? Do you have your own tried-and-true methods for eliminating writer's block? Leave any thoughts or questions in the comments below!

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